Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Conferences and other Practices provide means for addressing harm created. Our Restorative Justice processes and Practices:

  • Are voluntary.
  • Promote involvement of all affected parties.
  • Ensure psychological and physical safety for all parties.
  • Identify active steps to address harms and meet related needs.
  • Provide for maximum exchange of information between parties.
  • Are collaborative and inclusive.
  • Yield outcomes that promote accountability, responsibility, reparation, support, reintegration, and healing for all.
  • Yield outcomes that are mutually agreed upon, rather than imposed.
    Allow for innovation and ensure continuous improvement and quality control.
  • Promote personal and relational transformation, empowerment, and lifelong learning and growth.
  • Celebrate our ability to make a difference in our community through inclusiveness, accessibility, and diversity.

In-Prison Programs

In partnership with Folsom State Prison, YCRC offers a variety of programs for incarcerated individuals. Programs include- Restorative Justice, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution Skill Building. Inmates choose to participate in programs as a part of their Rehabilitation. For details, or if you are interested in volunteering with our in-prison programs, please contact us.


Time-Efficient, Free, and Reduces Potential for Legal Action

What is community mediation?
Community mediation is a process in which trained, neutral volunteer mediators help participants communicate their concerns to each other, clarify options for resolution, and develop mutually acceptable solutions. Community mediation is voluntary, confidential, neutral, and less time-consuming than litigation and arbitration.

Who can benefit from YCRC’s community mediation services?
Community mediation services are appropriate for cases such as:

  • Divorce and separation situations
  • Conflicts within community groups and organizations
  • Family conflicts
  • Roommate disagreements
  • Landlord/tenant issues: Claims regarding rent, security deposit, and cleaning fees
  • Ongoing neighborhood conflicts regarding noise, landscaping, and parking
  • Disputes between merchants and customers
  • Disputes between or within businesses
  • Civil harassment cases
  • Small claims cases

How much does it cost?
YCRC’s mediation services are free

Group facilitation/training can carry a charge and can be determined during consultation.

How can I access YCRC’s community mediation services?
Call us at (530) 564-2324
Email us at [email protected]


YCRC offers a variety of workshops that can be brought to your organization, school or workplace. You can see a list of our workshops by clicking the button below. If you would like a variation of any of the listed workshops, you are welcome to discuss how we can tailor a workshop to best fit your needs. Please call us at (530) 564-2324 for a quote or additional information.